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Lynn Corbett, Ph.D.,

Registered Doctoral Psychologist (SK#234)
Registered Psychologist (BC #2680)

Lynn offers individual, couples, family and group therapy for women and men. She sees adults across the life span who are struggling with a variety of life difficulties, including: work-life balance; depression; anxiety; effects of sexual, interpersonal and workplace trauma; substance misuse; relationship difficulties; disordered eating and body image concerns; grief and loss; life transitions and identity questions, including those around gender and sexuality; fertility, pregnancy and adoption issues.

In keeping with her commitment to work collaboratively, Lynn works with clients to ensure that the services they are receiving are effective in helping them address their identified areas of concern and are experienced as a good fit for them. 

Lynn is committed to seeing people as more than the problems that they may be struggling with, and she works to open up conversations that allow the richness and complexities of people’s lives to become more visible. She strives to have each session guided by curiosity about people’s lives and experiences, and is careful to not impose her own agenda. She believes strongly that connection to our communities is essential for enhanced well-being and lasting change. She works with people to include their significant communities in therapy in ways that are relevant and meaningful to them. She particularly enjoys working with women in their efforts to balance the many roles and responsibilities that life brings in our contemporary world.

Lynn also provides professional consultation and supervision. She is passionate in her efforts to assist other psychologists and therapists to develop ways of working that are in keeping with their values, beliefs and ideals.

Curtis Mills, MSW, RSW, (#0159)


Curtis offers individual, couples, family and group therapy for adult men and women.

He specializes in working with men’s issues. He recognizes how difficult it can be for men to seek help with their struggles. Curtis is committed to provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental place where men can address their individual and relational concerns. Curtis believes that most men want loving and respectful relationships with their partners and their children. He strives to help men to reclaim those values and to live in accordance with their preferences for being with others.

Curtis works with men and women who are struggling with anxiety; depression; relationship concerns including jealousy and insecurity, hurtful behaviors toward intimate partners and children; sexuality and gender questions; trauma and past abuse; substance misuse; life transitions such as grief / loss, separation / divorce, career change and retirement; concerns about identity such as “who am I?” What really matters to me in life?” , and concerns related to family of origin. He also provides professional consultation and supervision.

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